Athlete & Coach Testimonials

Enhanced Recovery is the superior sports drink. Great taste and great clean ingredients. The unique combination of omegas with protein and carbs makes it my go-to recovery drink following my training sessions. It leaves me feeling better than any other bland protein drink.

Jillian Weir

Last month was great for me - my training has shown noticeable improvement and I'm pretty sure that it is because I'm now using Enhanced Recovery... it is GENIUS.

Catherine Whoriskey

As a former college and professional football player, I found that Enhanced Recovery does more than just help me recover more quickly after exercise, it also helps reduce exercise-induced inflammation and post-workout soreness. As an added benefit, it has also improved my sleep, memory and overall mood. I highly recommend Enhanced Recovery. It has made significant changes in my quality of life.

Darrell Patterson

Enhanced Recovery not only tastes great and goes down easily after a game. I also don't have as many aches and pains the following day meaning I'm ready for training again on a Monday.

Lewis Boyce

Enhanced Recovery is great! I can honestly say I have nothing but good feedback. They taste great and have everything I need/want after a hard workout and it is very convenient having them in the cartons rather than needing to mix powder etc. like I had to with products I've previously used.

Natasha Cockram

I've suffered Gi issues post workout for quite some time as I've got a sensetivity to dairy, but never found anything that made me feel as good as chocolate milk. This new recovery drink not only gets the flavor right (light strawberry / lemon), the osmolality makes it easy to drink and I didn't experience any discomfort 2-3 hours after intake. If you're looking for a substitute to chocolately / chalky recovery powders & drinks, Enhanced Recovery is your go-to option!

Bill Bishop